Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Bag Mini Album

Just wanted to post the pics of my Paper Bag Mini Album I finished.  I think it came out beautiful but then I'm a little prejudice.  Go figure lol.  I don't know why I picked the colors I did, but it all worked out so wonderful. I think it is classy yet a tad whimsical in spots.  Black, Red and White always look so nice together.  Well, here are the pictures of the album.
i have to give credit where credit is due.... my sweet Cousin, Sharon, was my "assistant/apprentice" on the mini album... she wanted to learn how to make one so i packed up and went to her house. After her helping me i told her she was my official assistant. Didn't know i needed one until then.... she was a great help to me. Thanks CUZ for EVERYTHING you do for me. (not just scrap'n)

The above page has a shallow pocket on it. The pull out is red with white polka dot. I added the black ribbon to use to pull the tag out.

 Above pic is one of the pages that has a slide out and you can see I did it in red. 
 The below pic is the back side of the same page and the back of the insert.

 The above and below pages are my favorite two, a side from how the front turned out lol

 more of my little flowers

 These two pics are a close up of the flowers on the front cover of the album.  You know I have to add my flowers some where. lol


  1. LOVE it!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!!


  2. This album is very pretty! I love black, red and white as well. I love all the little extras you punched and ribbon!

  3. This is so cool!! I love the black, red and white patterns and colors! Absolutely so fun and gorgeous!

  4. Replies
    1. Sorry, it was sold and given as a gift!!! I think it came out pretty good myself!!

    2. Sorry, it was sold and given as a gift!!! I think it came out pretty good myself!!