Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Beginning

So let there be blogging.  I want to FIRST thank my friend Sara Evans for getting my little blogging page going for me.  She is the best thing since sliced bread!!! Glad we found each other, networking is a great thing.  Trying to talk her into being my PR person and my computer guru.  She is young and full of energyy and has the brains to go with it. 
So the reason for the Blog???  I want to find and make new friends that share my love and enthusiasm for all things crafty. I want to share new ideas and techniques. I would like to also share and sell my crafty things with you if you are interested in them. I want to have fun!!!   so lets get started?  Please sign my guest book and add me to your many list of blogs you follow.  Let this be the blog that you want to tell all your friends about!!!  What do you say?  Lets get started!! Cheers to a new beginning of one more blog!!!