Monday, December 23, 2013

Its been a long time since I have posted anything to my blog.   I didn't realize it had been so long.  Almost two years.   That is just unacceptable. :)  The last year or so I have been busy volunteering with my grandsons Cub Scout group, Pack 8.  I have really been enjoying it.  My daughter and her family have been here a lot and that has been nice. Husband still on the road truck driving.  We moved my mom in with us over a year ago and she just past this last August. It has been a very busy two years. It has had its ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad times.  I'm looking for a full time job again so that will take up a lot of my crafty time but I'm still hoping to do a few things every now and again.  I have made a few things but just never posted them.  My latest trend would be the Bottle cap Bracelets my daughter and I have been making and selling.  Let me show you a few of them.  OK a lot of them lol.  we can do just about any theme.  Well I should say we have been able to create everything anyone has requested so far.  

The top  four pictures were a custom order for a lady and her Mother. She ordered it for her for a Christmas gift.  I love the way they both turned out.

 Alabama seems to be a favorite around here we have made a few of these.

 This is a bracelet custom ordered from My Etsy Store.

 We make this one in Turquoise also

 Local High School Crosby Cougars

 Dallas Cowboys - We have made a lot of these.  What can I say, we are in Texas.

 Local High School - Huffman Falcons

 This is another one I think turned out especially well.  Green and silver Grandmother Bracelet.

 Now who doesn't Like Duck Dynasty.  

 More Key Chains

 Local High School - Liberty Panthers - Made for a Band Mom

 Custom order of old Movie Stars.  This is the Front of the caps 

 This is the Back

 College Football - LSU

 Someone order a bracelet and wanted it to look like a peacock.  They loved the bracelet then decided not to buy it.

 Custom order for a Football mom - Local High School Tarkington Longhorns

I Love Lucy Bracelet


 Red Hat Lady 
  Red Hat Lady 

If you want to place and order for one or maybe two please let me know and we will create one JUST FOR YOU.  WE have even made Necklaces.

Now I have created a few other things.  Stick pins for a couple of swaps and paper piecings for ebay and for swaps. I have of course have still been making my flowers.  My Daughter and I have even built a Fireplace out of boxes for the Cub Scouts Christmas Party. 

 A few Halloween Flowers 

 Stick Pins for the swap

Top of the wood coffin that will hold the stick pins

My Grandson at Halloween - he was Captain Underpants

OK that was just a short recap of just this past year.  
Hopefully I will be able to update the blog a little more frequent. 

Until next time... happy crafting and enjoy life.