Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is near!!!

Spring is fast approaching and everyone I’m sure is getting that spring fever. I know I am and I have been busy on some really pretty flowers. I can’t make them fast enough to fill the orders. Here are a few of the popular ones that have been selling .

Name your color. It is so pretty in any color you choose.

This was a one of a kind patterned paper and is sold FAST but again it can be done in any color you like.

And who dosen't like miniature roses. These beauties have just a little glimmer mist on them to give them that sheen and sparkle that most people like. These again ca be made in any color you choose.

This one has sold in many different colors and is similar to the cabbage rose.

And then you have to have your animal print!!! This is a zebra print that several people have requested.

There is the all popular scrunchie flower.

The Purple one is 3” big. It was a request from a customer for a bigger flower so …… She got it!!!
These are great for cards and scrapbook pages. They are flatter and it doesn’t hurt them to get “Squished”
I’m so looking forward to seeing how each person uses them. If you would like to place an order please contact me at I also have die cuts and premade pages. We will have a gallery up soon for you to look at and browse. Thanks again for looking and please sign the guest book and leave a comment. I would love some feed back on what you would like to see from this blog.
Linn from the Shack


  1. Now it did :) Love these flowers and Linn rocks toooo hugs

  2. I love my flowers! Can't wait to use them on my wedding album.
    Thank you!!

  3. Love these flower creations!!! Hugs!!! Lisa Young